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We are here to help you manage your files so that you don’t have to worry about anything!

Often people have a lot of documents that they want to keep safe but lack space in their phones and laptops. External hardware drives are an option, but they, too, have limited space. Easy accessibility is also a problem. So, what else? We are here to help you with this problem with our effective cloud-storage solution to save and store every document for later access.

Our website is user-friendly and responsive to make sure you get a comfortable reading experience irrespective of the device you are using. We never compromise on data security and have SSL data encryption data in place for maximum protection of your files.

Sharing the files has never been easy. With our direct download links, you can easily and conveniently share your files and docs with others. All in all, we have everything to manage your pertinent information efficiently, safely and securely.

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Easy-to-find answers for your readers.

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Trusted by various customers worldwide.

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Get the best help from a team of experts at your fingertips.


Get Free Advice. Let’s Accomplish More Together.

Create, collaborate and organize all data at one place. We make sure your data is protected at all costs through SSL data encryption. We offer a totally integrated service for better file sharing and management.


Why Choose Us?

My File Share is an excellent file-sharing platform that provides a free flow of information. From blogs to product launches, you can publish everything on our website and let the world know what you are upto. Our website is protected by privacy controls and data encryption, thus meeting all the required standards. Keep all your docs at your disposal with our easy-to-use platform.

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